DOB: May 11th, 2000 to March 30th, 2019 – Age 19 

Named for Fox Mulder of the X-Files it is with enormous sadness I note the passing of Fox at a wonderful 19 years. Sadly after an assessment by the vet, it was time for a last cuddle and pat. He will be missed. RIP you grumpy old bugger. Not a bad innings.

Beloved friend and companion to my Samoyeds Quinn and then Pj. Begrudgingly tolerating Dakota (after 2 years and a kiddy gate they had found their peace).

The cycle of life – at the vets before him was the tiniest rescue kitten. Fox came into my life after losing Casey my first Samoyed and as company for Quinn. Never intended to get a cat it was more he picked me. I can remember this tiny kitten climbing my leg and ignoring the big white fluff ball Quinn beside me. He moved 3 houses, saw out many earthquakes and lived with 3 Samoyeds over those 19 years. A journey well done just wish it did not have to end.

2000 with my Compaq laptop.
Best place to sleep eva
His fence in Ferrymead